Over 30 years of manufacturing makes Hanuman Moulds the preferred plastic injection molding manufacturer. We offer innovative solutions in part, product and mold design, project management, mold sourcing and development, production molding, and secondary operations for a wide range of industries; execution to exact customer requirements is our obsession.

  1. Injection Molding

Here at Hanuman Moulds, we have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with injection molding machines that range from 40 ton to 1,000 ton. These engineered presses offer outstanding precision, high quality, dynamic responses and the fastest dry cycle times in the industry.


We can run all types of resins from commodity to engineered grades, high temperature to filled materials. 


We are dedicated to improving productivity through automation. The presses are operated in an automatic mode to the greatest extent possible.  The result is a reliable, efficient, and cost effective system to improve manufacturing process.

Assembly solutions

From prototyping and tooling, to finishing, assembly, and packaging, Hanuman Moulds  does it all. Our secondary applications include:

  • Insert Molding
  • Clean Assembly Environment
  • Bar Coding
  • PAD Printing
  • Machining/Tapping/Drilling
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • And much more.
  1. Tooling

Hanuman Moulds has a unique advantage that sets us apart from the standard injection molding manufacturer, our toolmakers. Hanuman Moulds tool and die manufacturing department allows us to reduce turnaround time on new production. Our goal to obtain maximum production, minimum cycle time and prolonged mold life is accomplished in one simple process.

  • CNC Mills
  • EDMs
  • Lathes
  • Care & Maintenance of existing molds
  • Versatile mold bases to reduce costs
  • Interchangeable cavitites

The result is a mold that effectively withstands the rigorous demands of high-pressure injection molding.

  1. Process Development

Our Manufacturing Engineers have knowledge and expertise in numerous product industries. Their capabilities cover all aspects of injection molding from material selection to process optimization techniques. You can expect the highest level of skill, developing the most cost efficient process available.

  • Mold construction
  • Prototyping 
  1. Engineering

Our expertise and know-how is from years of creating products using a wide range of materials, design requirements and manufacturing challenges.Our engineers fully support the customer during every phase of every project.

Industrial designers typically focus on function, appearance, and ergonomics. Hanuman Moulds design engineers add a vital criteria; designing for manufacturability.

We pride ourselves on our extreme attention to your specifications and project details, and deliver a design that is moldable, which is what you should expect from us.

Our engineers also are well versed in converting parts made in other materials. Converting wood or metal constructions into plastic provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Lower total cost
  • Light weight
  • Weather resistance
  • No rusting or denting
  • Ability to mold in Inserts
  1. Product Development

Hanuman Moulds engineers are experts at prototyping new concepts, improving manufacturability of existing designs, and designing for improved manufacturability and down-line savings.

We have the capability to take anything from a napkin sketch to solid models and detailed drawings, and turn around high quality plastic injection molded parts that are designed to optimize cost, weight, manufacturability, ergonomics, and performance.

At Hanuman Moulds, our goal is to create a design that is manufactureable and meets your expectations. Getting us involved in the early stages of the product design ensures you the success you should expect from your manufacturing partner.

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